Until The Music Ends
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Gothic City

Written by: Vicky Hamilton & Robbie Quine

Gothic City - A nightclub you can really sink your teeth into.

When a wannabe Goth rocker lands a recording contract with a sinister record producer, he discovers that all of his dreams of sex, drugs and rock n'roll come true along with his nightmares.

Androgynous Goth rocker Skylar Griffin has everything he needs for rock stardom: talent, ambition and deadly good looks. He pulls up his Indiana roots for the underbelly of the Hollywood rock club scene and lands at club, Gothic City. Love interest Violet, introduces Skylar to record producer Constantine Black, who has his own alchemy of spinning records into hits. Seduced by his fame as a rock star, Skylar soon realizes his life is spiraling out of control. In the end, all of Skylar's dreams come true, only two problems, his girlfriend and record producer are both vampires.

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Metal Maven

Written by: Vicky Hamilton & Iris Berry

Metal Maven is a dark romantic comedy that takes place in the underbelly of the mid 80's metal music scene on the famous Sunset Strip. Lead character Nikki Knight is an ambitious female band manager, in a man's world. Nikki butts heads with rock stars and executives while struggling to keep her own personal corruption in check without losing her integrity and self worth.

This story dives into the seedy world of rock and roll from a female perspective; drugs, sex, rock and roll, wild parties, corrupt lawyers, record deals, large egos and later, rehab. This movie is like "Walk The Line" meets "Erin Brockovich" and "Almost Famous." It would be a great vehicle for young Hollywood actors in their 20's such as, Claire Danes or Kate Bosworth as Nikki Knight, Kevin Zeger as rock star Katt Atonic, and Johnny Depp as Uncle Dougie.

Metal Maven follows Nikki Knight in her career as a record store clerk, band manager and A&R executive at a record label. She lives with the band she is managing "Gag Order," a band similar to Guns and Roses. Nikki partners with Melanie Steel who unbeknownst to Nikki, is a drug dealer. Melanie is also having an affair with singer Katt Attonic, who is the girls' management client, against Nikki's wishes, causing a riff between the girls. Gag Order gets a record deal and leaves Nikki high and dry. Melanie dies of a heroin overdose. Nikki, feeling lost and confused at the end of act one, runs to her mentor and long time friend, Uncle Dougie (a successful band manager) for advice. Nikki drinks and does drugs to dull her pain and ends up in rehab, where she comes face to face with Katt Attonic her mortal enemy. Nikki blames Nikki that he was actually trying to help Mel and keep her secret. Nikki and Katt fall in love, or so it seems.

Nikki takes Katt to the top, making him a huge rock star. Katt's success delivers a repeat performance of the horror of rock star egos. In act three, Nikki quits the business to become a dog walker. After a long break and much piece of mind, she decides that she wants back in.

In the end, Nikki follows her heart without losing it. Nikki finds success and happiness without selling out. Metal Maven is a story about chasing your dreams and facing your demons. Because after all, don't all dreams come true in Hollywood? At least in this movie they do…


Grab your board and paddle out...
SURF'S up and the kids are getting DOWN
Book by: Vicky Hamilton & Robbie Quine
Music & Lyrics by: Robbie Quine
Directed by: Daniel Henning

It's 1967 and it's all happening…hot surfers, beach bunnies, muscle men, mermaids, sex wax and trannies on Glitter Beach, where glam began. Glitter Beach invites you to ride the waves with androgynous surfer Reef Bedrock as he follows his rock and roll dreams… so grab your leopard surf board and glitter guitar and take a wild ride with us! This fabulous musical combines the sensibilities of Priscilla Queen of the Desert and The Rocky Horror Picture Show with Beach Blanket Bingo! Cowabunga, bitch!

Follow your DREAMS!!! And DANCE!!!
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